Errratum 25 - Wildlife Explorer

All those things that are here but you cannot see, lurking beyond the fabric of our tent. Widlife is looking upon us, cooped up in our fabric shelter. Contribution to the illustration catalogue Errratum.
\ 2021 — Pencil on paper and digital colours.

Quatre Chats

Maggy, Noush, Miao and Nina are four cats that I lived with at some point in my life. Four very inspiring personalities. Illustrations for greetings cards, risoprint orange and medium blue.
\ 2023 — Indian ink on paper.

Pottery shelf calendar

Illustrations made for the calendar of the French ceramic studio le Tabouret. All 12 drawings can be collated to make a long shelf filled with pots. This work was made in collaboration with the artist and ceramicist Amy Matthews.
\ 2020 Indian ink and oil pastel on paper.

The Mikado championship

Comics published in the fanzine Blankette. This fanzine is based on the story of Blankette, a fictional town with an incredible and complex history invented by Raoul Bonnaffé. Printed in two-color risography.
\ 2022 — Indian ink on paper.

Pif Paf Pouf Wak Bam

Strange things are happening to all these people, up to you to decide if its good or bad. Colouring and scribbling book for happy or angry people, to be filled in with one bold stroke or slowly and meticulously. Available on request
\ 2021 — Indian Ink.

Unknown plants of the British Isles

I always wanted to know about plants and their inspiring latin names. But I already forget the names of my peers, it's easier to invent new floral entities. Aquilegia Venenatum, Echinops Bombus, Hosta Piscis...
\ 2023 — Gouache on paper.

Errratum N°23 - Work in Progress

Who hasn't stopped and contemplated a building site, maybe for the big impressive diggers or to remember and wonder what used to be here. Contribution to the illustration catalogue Errratum. Available here
\ 2020 — Pencil on paper.

Fortune Coquille

Micro fanzine accompanied by a ceramic shell (coquille). In each shell readers find a unique fortune. This project was preceded by a story Particules, inspired by Gaston Bachelard chapter "Shells", The Poetics of Space.
\ 2022 — Mixed media.

Ville Morte : "How to organize a concert"

In this guide you'll learn everything about setting up a gig. I remember pogo, the loneliness of the folk singer, and the kindness of people with their beers in plastic cups. 4 Illustrations accompanying the booklet Available here
\ 2022 — Indian Ink on paper.

Grifi - AwAnPmJaDb

Illustration for a text written by Benjamin Dumond. A strange dream during which he found letters inside stones with Addison Dwiggins. "Tirant une taffe, l’homme savoure quelques secondes son caractère en train d’éclore."
\ 2020 — Digital drawing.

Quilt Monster Workshop

Monsters deserve comfort too! I was invited to do a workshop at the ceramic studioLe Tabouret. Children had to paint their own monsters. Starting with a stain of paint, finding inspiration for what could be hiding underneath.
\ 2021 — Gouache and ink on paper.

Night shift

\ 2022 — Gouache and ink on paper.

All in the wrist

\ 2022 — Indian ink on paper.


\ 2020 — Watercolour and ink on paper.